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Nn Preteen Girls

25. november 2011 at 7:15

Related article: Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 18:14:56 -0400 From: mike loggerman Subject: After work with my co-workerI was in the break room at work looking through the yellow pages for a motel. Brian, one of Nn Preteen Girls my co-workers, asked if I had out of town company coming. I told him my landlord was painting my apartment on Friday, and I had to find somewhere else to spend the weekend. Brian said if I don't mind sharing a small cramped apartment, I could stay with him. I thanked him and asked if it would be an inconvenience. He said he only had a small studio apartment, but it was OK with him if I didn't mind. I told him, I'd appreciate it if I could stay with him.Brian is my age, but totally opposite from me. He's tall and slender, bordering on skinny. He is dark haired and on casual Fridays, I enjoy seeing his chest hair through his open collar and short sleeves. I've fantasized about him many times, but never had a chance to do more than have lunch with him. Unlike Brian, I'm medium height and chubby with light brown hair. I have man tits, and am not very hairy. The idea of spending the weekend with Brian excited me, and when I went home that evening, I jerked off several times thinking of him.Friday morning I went to work with an overnight bag. Brian didn't have a car, so took the bus to his apartment. I thanked him for letting me stay with him, but he shrugged it off and said it would be fun to have someone to talk to this weekend. When we got inside, I was greeted with the stuffy scent of his room. I liked his odor so I didn't mind at all. The sofa bed was pulled out and took up most of the room. I wondered where I was supposed to sleep, when he said it was a bit crowded and hoped I didn't mind sharing the bed with him; it was all he had. I told him I didn't mind if he didn't. He laughed and said he is pretty open about his body and wasn't very uptight when it came to accidental body contact, so he wasn't going to get freaked out if we touched. My cock started to stir in my pants when I heard that. I laughed and said I don't get touched very much, so I'd just enjoy the sensation. He smiled and said we should have a great weekend.We ordered in dinner and ate at the small table in the kitchenette. After dinner, Brian said he needed to take a shower and that I should make myself comfortable. I watched him strip off his clothes. I stood there staring at his hairy body and gulped. He looked over at me and asked if something was wrong. I said no, I was just thinking how different his body was than mine. He asked what I was thinking, and I mentioned that I'm chubby and smooth. He laughed and said he knew I was chubby, and smooth is good. He said guys used to make fun of him in school for being hairy. I told him I was always teased for being a chub. He laughed and said I should take off my clothes and let him get a look at me. I got real embarrassed but took off my clothes, and stood there while he looked me over. He looked me over and said he liked my body and that I shouldn't worry so much, and that he wished he was smooth like me. I felt better.. He asked what I liked so much about his body. His cock was starting to get hard, so I opened up and told him I loved his hairy body and his big cock. He said he really loved that I was chubby and smooth, and if I wanted, we could explore each other's bodies. My small hard cock was starting to leak, and he took that as a yes. He climbed into bed and spread his hairy legs wide. I got between his legs and felt his hairy thighs as I buried my face in his long thick bush. He moaned as I started to lick and suck his big balls and felt the area between his balls and ass, which was hairy and had a strong musky scent. I licked up the underside of his cock and swirled my tongue around the head. He moaned as I opened my mouth and started sucking him as far down his shaft as I could go. His scent was intoxicating. He asked if I had ever been fucked and I nodded that I had. He asked if I ever had a cock as big as his inside me, and I said I hadn't. He said he would really love to fuck me if it was OK with me. I told him I did.He looked at me very seriously as he started rubbing his thumb over my left nipple, making it hard, and felt his other hand caress my other breast and he said we are going to be very close friends. He pulled me to himself and lay between my spread legs. I felt his hairy chest and legs against mine, caressing them with his hairs, and pressing his lips to mine as his tongue began to explore my mouth. As he kissed me, I felt him groping my tits and stroking my cock. I felt his hairy chest and big, thick cock and very hairy crotch. I He was at least nine thick inches, and had very big balls. I felt his fingers playing with my ass, and sliding in and out of me. He added more fingers and opened me as I moaned in pleasure. He spit on his cock, and I felt his head pressing against my hole. I pushed out and felt his cock slide inside me. After a few thrusts, he was deep inside me and I felt his thick bush brushing against me as he moved in and out harder and faster. He kissed my neck and played with my tits as his large manhood filled my insides. It was so hot thinking about my co-worker's big cock deep inside me, as we both enjoyed our closeness. I squeezed my ass around his big cock as he thrust faster and faster. His breaths became heavier, and I felt his cum flooding my ass. He kissed me hard and said he wanted to fuck me since the day I started working with him. I told him I wanted him and he Nn Preteen Girls kissed me as his cock softened and slid out of me. I sucked him clean and he kept caressing my breasts.As we lay back in bed, I told him I loved him fucking me. He said he hoped I'd let him fuck me a lot more. I told him I'd love it if he could fuck me every day. He smiled and said he could fuck me a few times a day if I want. I told him I wanted it as much as possible. He rolled on top of me and pulled my legs up on my chest as I felt him sliding his cock back inside me. I moaned as he started his slow thrusts in and out of me. As he fucked me, I asked if he wanted to move in with me, since my apartment was bigger than his. He said he'd love to live with me and would fuck me all the time, but he wasn't looking for Nn Preteen Girls a boyfriend. I told him I didn't need a boyfriend, I just wanted him to fuck me often. He smiled and said as long as we were just enjoying each other, he'd move in with me, on the condition that we stay naked in the apartment and he could fuck me as much as he wanted. I got so excited, I started to cum without touching myself. He thrust himself harder inside me, and I felt him cumming deep within me.We lived together for a few months, and he moved out.
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